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Radiant Barrier Spray

Radiant Barrier Spray Installation - Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Texas

Radiant Barrier Spray helps to block the sunís thermal energy and heat from entering, or escaping from, your home or business. Five Star provides professional radiant barrier and insulation services for homes and businesses located in Dallas, Plano, Frisco TX and the surrounding areas.

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Five Starís radiant barrier spray is applied to the underside of roof decking. The spray can be applied quickly, usually in a couple of hours. This type of application goes on evenly, with no gaps or holes during installation. No more cutting custom, foil-backed boards or sheets of foil...saving you money!

What is Radiant Energy?

Radiant energy is energy that comes from the sun in waves. When those waves strike the roof or a house or commercial building, they are absorbed, creating increased temperatures in the attic. This heat is eventually transferred throughout the structure. On warmer days, this radiant heat results in higher air conditioning costs. On cooler days, heat escapes from the house or building, out through the roof.

How is this used with insulation?

After application, the radiant barrier spray will help to stop radiant heat transfer through your roof decking. It is highly recommended to used this product with blown insulation or spray on foam insulation.

Does radiant barrier spray block evaporation?

Five Starís radiant barrier spray does not block moisture or evaporation, which can lead to mold growth. It has no effect on radio, tv, or mobile phone reception within your home.

What are some of the other features of this type of product?

This product lasts on average of about 10 years. For a more permanent option, please see spray foam insulation.

Itís easy to clean up. No special chemicals or cleansers needed.

Radiant barrier spray goes on evenly, in a short amount of time.


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